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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  November 3, 2009 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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again tonight more bodies have been found. police are expected to get everyone up to date on this situation coming up at 6:00 tonight. we're going to keep following the story. you can, too, go to for the very latest. new at 5:00 -- a young life cut short and tonight a baltimore county man is being charged with first degree murder. the suspects, 21-year-old brian savage lived in the same home with the child in essex. he's the boyfriend of the child's mother. sunday, the mother went to work leaving cameron williams with savage. savage told police he had been in bed with the boy when he noticed he was unresponsive. he called 911 and cameron was taken to franklin square hospital. >> the injuries were very significant injuries. there was internal damage, his lungs, his liver, spleen. there were serious cuts and bruises all over his body. this child had been abused, it's not that just somebody
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rolled over on him. >> savage told detectives he had been roughhousing with cameron, rolled on top of him which could have caused the injuries. he's being held tonight without bail. students and staff at johns hopkins university are remembering a student hit and killed by a hit-and-run driver. christian schaffer is at the university where the memorial is going on right now. chris, large turnout? >> reporter: yes, a very large turnout, between 300 and 400 students at the memorial service just wrapping up now. for miriam frankl. our cameras weren't allowed inside but i was able to listen in to some of the speakers. it was an emotional and touching tribute to the 20-year-old johns hopkins junior who died a few blocks from here when a truck ran into her outside of her apartment building. we heard from a professor at the johns hopkins school of medicine. she also happens to be miriam frankl's aunt. in fact miriam would have been the third generation of woman
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scientists from johns hopkins. her grandmother got her phd here as well. the speaker said she was bold and began expressing heavy self at an -- herself at an early age. a friend spoke at the memorial, too, saying whenever she needs motivation she'll just remember miriam frankl's worth ethic. a memorial service is just wrapping up. we hope to speak to some of the friends that will be leaving the memorial service and we'll bring you that at 6:00. christian schaffer, abc2 news. attorneys for sniper mastermind john allen mohammed are planning to file an appeal hoping to stop next week's execution. he's scheduled to die by lethal injection november 10th at a virginia prison. last month attorneys asked for clemency which was denied.
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he was convicted of a three-week killing spree in 2002 that left 10 dead in maryland, virginia and dc. an apparent sexual assault on a student at the maryland school for the deaf. police say three of the suspects are minors, all four lived in the same dorm as the male student assaulted on october 27th. officials say the charges will be criminal. the victim has been released from the hospital. could slots be coming close to the airports? a company is proposing it's a possible venue. hefner and webber offered selling more than 50 acres of undeveloped land near the bw parkway and airport to a slots developer. likely baltimore-based cordish company. cordish is working to get a license and zoning for a proposed casino near arundel mills mall. the state slots commission has given the council until mid-december to resolve the issue.
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listen up speeders. you're getting at least two more weeks before facing fines in highway work zones in maryland. more than 900 drivers got warnings since the state started to use automated speed cameras in highway work zones just last month. the state highway administration is extending the warning phase for at least another two weeks before you're going to be hit with a $40 fine. the cameras will rotate between work zones throughout the state and there will be signs warning you that cameras are in use. the state scrambles to salvage what it can as a fortune 500 companies announces its leaving maryland. the proposed merger between black & cek zeker and one of its long time competitors will push them out of towson, into connecticut. jeff hager has more. >> reporter: black & decker is pulling up its roots in maryland. roots that date back almost a
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century. they patented the pistol grip and trigger for the power drill and it catapulted two entrepreneurs into the founders of one of the biggest tool-making companies in the world. news of the proposed merger with stanley pulls at the very heartstrings of many marylanders. >> i know stanley is heavy in the competition in the market, but it's a shock. >> i work for a investor, contractor for over 20 years. the industry leaving this town, every time you turn around another company is closing >> reporter: black and decker employees 20,000 people around the world including about 1,500 in maryland. >> the jobs here hopefully stay here. >> reporter: the state's business and economic development secretary christian johannson remains optimistic even though initial projections suggest the company could cut as many as 400 jobs right up front. >> governor o'malley will be calling the ceo of stanley
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works, he'll be calling the ceo of black & decker and ask that question directly and asking what the state can do to be a helpful partner in this. >> reporter: while the brand and tools will survive there's little question the merger represents a loss for the state. >> it's the advantage of having these fortune 500 or any big company here, they do support the charities and put more money locally than they would in the headquarters in sanford, connecticut or wherever it's going to be. >> reporter: new britain, connecticut, to be exact. 300 miles and almost a century worth of history removed from here, jeff hager, abc2 news. beautiful day, warmer than yesterday. nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. temperaturewise across the region, anne arundel community college in hanover 56 degrees, winds from the northwest at 5 to 8 miles per hour gusting to about 12. the forecast for the next couple of hours, mostly clear
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skies, breezy, temperatures hold in the mid-50s but it will be right chilly by tomorrow morning. we'll tell you about it, and we have some frost advisories in effect. we'll tell you where they are coming up. doctors and nurses in maryland are going to have a few extra sets of eyes on them watching how often they are washing their hands. this is the first program of its kind in the nation and aimed at cutting down on health care-acquired infections. the secret shoppers will be watching for hand-washers, they will actually be hospital employees doing the spying. the maryland hospital hand hygiene collaborative will be partially funded by a agreement with the centers for disease control and prevention. speaking of hygiene and safety precautions tonight more teens in maryland are protected against the h1n1 virus. terry owens is here with today's in school clinic. >> reporter: the first howard county high school got their h1n1 vaccine today. the county's health department got hundreds of students at reservoir hill to roll up
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their sleeves for the shot. school leaders say 60% of the students got permission from their parents to get vaccinated. >> school-aged children are particularly important because it's turned out of the 101 or 105 deaths that happened nationwide in minors the vast majority of them have been in school-aged populations. so we're focusing on elementary schools, middle and high schools. >> reporter: reservoir high is one of many clinics being held at howard county schools. area parochial and private schools are also included. there will be more clinics as the county gets additional doses of the vaccine. terry owens, abc2 news. >> thank you. you know that you can always head to . for details on the h1n1 and vaccine. there you'll find a map, you can click on your county for information on upcoming flu clinics to your area.
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tomorrow two students from the balm school for the arts will join students from across the country at the white house for an exclusive music workshop. the students will get a chance to learn from master musicians and mr. president and first lady. >> it's a real blessing. like, i don't even know, i think it's really just fate because if i hadn't come to here this wouldn't have ever happened. >> just the fact that somebody of her stature would be listening to me and just giving me advice, would help me a lot and and my technique and musicality. >> after the workshop the master musicians will perform a concert in the east room. the event will mark the fourth in the white house music series to stress the important of art and education. are you planning on flying to grandma's for thanksgiving? or maybe the caribbean for christmas? don't get too excited about
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turning in your frequent flyer miles in. why they may not save you much money. they are looking at me. >> the nasty discovery one woman found while making her sunday dinner. and some relics from the past uncovered in baltimore today. see what was found in this time capsule. a look in parkville tonight, parkville middle school. temperature of 57. norm is in the storm center with a complete look at the forecast coming up.
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talk about a blast from the past. an 83-year-old time capsule from a home for elderly women has been recovered. workers tearing down the old building near the intersection of cold spring lane and rolling avenue found it. abc2 news roosevelt leftwich gives us a peak at what they found inside. >> reporter: 1926, the roaring 20s were really wearing, flappers flapping, calvin coolidge was president and everyone was trying to figure out this radio thing. the yankees were in the world series, the u.s. marines were hunting terrorists in nicaragua. in baltimore mention menken was raising cain. baltimore's new building was way out in the country. >> i think the history of the church in just about every area of human welfare is remarkable in baltimore. education of course and
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hospitals, and nursing homes, wherever you turn the church seemed to have an early start and to have persevered. >> reporter: the box was found as the old villa was being demolished. workers were about to spanish down a wall and spotted a big old stone that didn't match the rest of the wall. the only treasure in the box is the history. copies of "the baltimore sun," legendary baltimore american and baltimore catholic review. there were two catholic medals, a collection of coins, a copy of the arch diocese official yearbook and what looks like a salt shaker, a scroll that listed important people of the day. >> it's amazing how well everything survived in the box. >> reporter: it was first opened up back in 1926, the old kirkly villa was a nice safely place for elderly woman. now this land will be used almost in a similar fashion, an assisted living home. the contents are a snapshot of the community and country.
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many conteants are with us, and other issues like faith and hope for the future. just beware of the pegleg bandit hanging out in turkish baths. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> the original building was built with a gift to the diocese by elizabeth jenkins, her family was one of the oldest catholic families in baltimore with roots that went back to the founding of the city. it's a beautiful day today. nice day. a little on the breezy side. i took my own advice, went out, picked up some of the leaves the problem is the more leaves i picked up more came down. i felt like i was two steps ahead and one step back. >> you probably will have more tomorrow. >> thank you. i got an extra rake. come on over. let's look outside now. your shot from harbor cam, overlooking the counts area.
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the flag on federal hill getting a bit of a workout now. our temperature at bwi marshall 58 degrees. 42% humidity. wind currently from the north at 9 miles an hour. but gusting higher than that. and pressure rising 30.10. here are the tides tomorrow at fort mchenry. a high tide 6:53. low tide after the noontime hour, 12:46. tomorrow's winds are going to start from the north and gradually shift around to an easterly direction so we'll kind of split the difference. call it northeast at 6 to 12. sun coming up 6:37. a frost advisory in effect for northern baltimore county, carroll, frederick, washington counties and the counties backing up in the mountainous areas, also cecil county. the counties in light blue, that is a coastal flood advisory. the winds that we have now and also the position of the moon could cause a little bit, maybe a foot, foot and a half higher tide than normal. so if you live in anne arundel county, southern baltimore county, be advised you could be have a little higher tide but
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again the frost advisory is in effect. temperaturewise around the region now, 54 in york. 55 hagerstown. easton 57. a little cooler in oakland, 41. on the boardwalk down at ocean city right now 58 degrees. our satellite and radar picture throughout the day, well, we had sunshine this morning and as the day went along a few light clouds made their way in. what is going on with that? remember, we talked about it yesterday, a very weak front with no precipitation, that front has now passed through the baltimore area. that is the location of it. now, we've also got another front out to the west. this is also a very fast mover and that does have some moisture to work with. in the meantime, in between those two, this area of high pressure, that is going to be sitting on top of us tonight with clear skies. also during the day tomorrow, but this, again, is a very fast-mover, will come rushing into the region tomorrow evening and tomorrow night after midnight into early thursday morning. we could see some light rainfall here in the baltimore area but it should be while
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you're sleeping. so it shouldn't be a problem because the rest of the week is going to be cooler temperatures than what we saw during the day today. nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar but we'll be tracking the showers by late tomorrow night. monkton 53, 56 towson. edgemere 57. 55 eldersburg. emmitsburg at mount st. mary's, 53. 63 chestertown and aberdeen at 56. for tonight, the front has cleared the area. overnight high pressure, clearer skies, chilly air, here comes that system moving into the region. you'll see the showers break out late wednesday night and early thursday morning. then move on out of here and then behind it some cooler temperatures. here's your forecast for the overnight period, mostly clear, 34 for the low. it will be on the chilly side. during the day tomorrow, nice day, partly cloudy but showers very late tomorrow night. actually early thursday morning. high tomorrow reaching 55 degrees. the extended outlook, there's the cooler air we were telling you about. it will only be a high of 51 friday. saturday and sunday now looking nice with partly cloudy skies
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to mostly sunny skies. but we'll warm into the low 60s once again by sunday, monday and tuesday. i'll be back in a while with more on the weather. >> thank you. "2 your health" -- as the h1n1 virus continues to spread across the country there's even more indication that pregnant women should get vaccinated. here's reggie with an update. >> reporter: in an effort to prove the h1n1 vaccine is safe and effective the federal government released data this week showing that nearly all the pregnant women who received one 15-microgram dose of the vaccine were protected from the swine flu. dr. anthony faucci, doctor of the institute of allergy and infectious disease says out of approximately 100 pregnant women who participated in the h1n1 trial studies more than 90% showed a robust immune response to a single dose of the h1n1 vaccine. he also notes at this time there are no reported side effects. health officials also stress that unlike the seasonal flu
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where those most affected were over the age of 65, the h1n1 virus seems to affect younger people, as well pregnant women. those people noted faucci are the ones that need protection. since the virus was first diagnosed in this country back in april 28 pregnant women have died from complications caused by h1n1. for today's "health minute," i'm reggie aki. >> let abc2 news continue to work for you as we all try to stay clear of the h1n1 virus. at 5:30 -- the latest from the cdc on the vaccine's availability and how many are still getting sick. busted. a couple is arrested in arizona for trying to make off with someone else's luggage. but the real trouble actually starts when police show up at their house. see how many pieces of luggage were found there. have you ever really thought about how much of an energy hog your tv is? what you can do to save yourself some money.
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abc2 news at 5:30 is minutes away. i'm terry owens. we'll update our breaking news, plus the political battle. the search is on for the next mayor of aberdeen. and some female athletes, where they disappeared and the place to turn for after-hours care. those stories and norm's chilly forecast all new at 5:30. a look at news around the nation. we start in texas where a woman got the shock of her life while making dinner. carla hill was getting ready to cook her glory foods mustard greens on the stove when she got a froggy surprise. >> i put them in the pot. oh, my gosh, the eyes, in my
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greens. i just screamed. i was hysterical. i hate frogs. i hate frogs. i definitely don't want any in my food. >> i would hate them in my greens, too. hill bought them at wal-mart. wal-mart says it's an isolated incident and they are working with manufacturers trying to fix it. as for hill she says the next time she wants to make greens they are going to be homegrown. in arizona, a couple is behind bars for stealing more than a thousand bags from a phoenix airport. keith and stacey legkeen stole the luggage from the phoenix sky harbor international airport. police recovered the bags from the couple's home and are trying to figure out how they were stolen. we'll be right back. and that's how verizon fios works. any questions?
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a free dvr for three months. don't wait. get all three amazing services for just... hurry. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v before november 7th. we continue with breaking news from cleveland where more bodies
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have been pulled from the home of a convicted rapist. our sister station in cleveland now reporting a seventh body and a body bag have been removed from the home of anthony sowell. anthony sowell was arrested saturday after six decomposing bodies were found in his home. he's now been charged with five counts of aggravated murder. police started digging around anthony sowell's home today and found two more bodies. they are also searching a six-mile radius around the home. there will be an update from police on this investigation in the next half-hour. we'll bring you those details as soon as we get them and as always you can follow breaking news on and also sign up for breaking news e-mail alerts to get the news as it happens. good evening, everybody. i'm terry owens. closer to home now, and election day, in aberdeen the city council president is hoping to unseat the mayor and a former state delegate says she has the leadership necessary for the next two years. voters in the harford county city are


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